kayak school

This is the river kayak school. Kayak has the different point of fun from Rafting because you drive your small kayak by yourself.
You might be feeling “never have had chance to try”,”too hard for me”, or ”it seems difficult!”.
However, we offer the lesson for from beginners to experts depending on your level.

Detail of the lesson
First, you will learn how to ride and row, and float your boat in the river.
You will try to row to practice how to do at the place which doesn’t have current, because it is difficult to row the boat to go straight in the rapid current. You will feel good even only you float your boat in the water.
*We will judge very carefully if you can down the rapid river current or not, so please write about your experience and level when you reserve.

tour schedule



*All the way from the place which everyone gather to the river, we take you by car, so we will take you again the place after finishing the course.
*We start each course from 9:00 or 13:30, so please check in by 10 min before the start time.
We don’t do the lesson or change the course in case that the water surface level is over the limit we decide.
If we don’t do the tour, we notice it in advance.

things we rent to the customer

things we rent to the customer

[ Dry suits(water proof) or wet suits(non water proof, maintain the warm air) ]
We provide the best suitable wear considering the temperature of the water and air.

[ River boots ]
It’ the boots for river and maintain warm air.

[ Helmet and life-saving jacket ]
Both have the float power

[ paddle ]

Things which are supposed to be prepared by customer

[ cloths that can be wet ]
In spring and autam, customers are supposed to wear dry suite which isn’t water proof, so it may be possible you get wet. Plase wear the cloths which let you to be warm and active.
You had better NOT to wear denim or something which you cannot move easily when they get wet.
Please bring your T-shirts and short pants, or swim suites in summer.

[ Towel and cloths for after you get wet ]

Please read carefully before you make your reservation.

Condition to join
* Without health problem.
* If you have specific illness, please let us know when you reserve.
* Children under the junior high school students can join our program
* Depending on the temperature and the surface level of the river water, children under the junior high school and under 140cm can join our program, so please consult us beforehand.
* We strongly refuse the people who have drunk alcol beverage before and during the tour to join.
* Pregnant women cannot join our program.
* Depending on the temperature and the surface level of the river water, it’s possible that even children over the junior high school and more than 140cm cannot join our program.

about insurance
We have the insurance for cases below.

Death, Residual disability: 4.8 millions yen
Hospitalization: 5000yen/each day
Hospital visit:3000yen/each day

*Losing your belonged things is not covered by the insurance in any case.

Condition of cancelation
It should be paid if you cancel your reservation as below.

7 days before the day that you have reservation:30% of the fee
2 days before the day that you have reservation:50% of the fee
1 day before the day that you have reservation:80% of the fee

*If you cancel the same day that you have reservation, or you don’t appears without notice, we will charge you 100% of the fee.